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Tinysheet Tinysheet
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Have you ever opened Excel or Google Sheets just to add or average a few numbers? Me too! Postlight put together a wee application that can run in your phone browser for these situations. No logins or software updates required.
The Guardian The Guardian
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Wow, this is some awful antisocial behavior from a company (and marketing firm) that should know better. Can we have one or two ad-free spaces?
Nice to see a tech company prioritizing something other than growth at all costs. Good for Salesforce for acting when our governments are failing us.
photo of a stained glass window with the word architectura in the center
BC Parliament Glass
Miniature System of Governing
Clowning Around
photo of the Golden Gate Bridge from below
Hello Golden Gate
Fun Maritimes
Misty Fjords View
New Eddystone Rock
Chilkoot Estuary
Haines, Alaska
Golden Gate
Cable Cars
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Musée Mécanique
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Vox Vox
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How those annoying ad blocks at the bottom of every article you read online work. Chumbox is the perfect name for them. I think the more we learn about how these things prey on our psyche the more immune we become.

ps. Corn, maybe.
into the woods
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"...there exists a sphere of life that should remain outside public scrutiny, in which we can be sure that our words, actions, thoughts and feelings are not being indelibly recorded. This includes not only intimate spaces like the home, but also the many semi-private places where people gather and engage with one another in the common activities of daily life—the workplace, church, club or union hall. As these interactions move online, our privacy in this deeper sense withers away."
Maciej Cegłowski, owner and operator of old-school bookmarking service Pinboard (which I use to power posts like this) spoke to the Senate Banking Committee about online privacy. His thoughtful written statement is an excellent description of privacy in our current tech environment and has some ideas about how regulation could change things. I have no idea how this public statement came about, but I hope our leaders were listening. The gif here is by @thedansherman.
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"Various directors tried to tackle the book..." They tried and failed? They tried and died.

So this is happening. With star power. But if there’s no Walken—I’m walkin’ (with)out (rhythm).
Ribbon of Sky
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There are few satisfactions in life greater than finding a more efficient way to do something in vi. But if you’re me you can’t just read a vi book. You have to read tutorials like this over and over until a new shortcut for moving, cutting, or pasting text just sticks. This is a good tutorial for ambient skill acquisition.
New Republic
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"'Electability' is a way to get voters to carry out a contrary agenda—not their own—while convincing them they’re being 'responsible.'"
I think this article is getting at a central problem with Democratic thinking right now. I agree that it’s impossible to know other people’s minds and trying to read minds (or public opinion) hurts my own ability to reason.

All Them Witches on KEXP

When I was 13, epic guitar music was the center of my universe. Jimmy Page and eventually David Gilmore were heroes to me and the songs seemed to conjure entire worlds in four minutes. All Them Witches takes me back to that exciting time when music was magical and this performance is fantastic. I saw them live a few months ago and they are a force.
Fast Company Fast Company
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I've been using this Simplify Gmail chrome plugin for a week now and I highly recommend it. I've been accidentally clicking compose ever since Gmail added the fly-in-on-hover navigation on the left. This plugin removes that and adds a floating compose button in the lower right. It removes several distractions around the edges and lets you focus on reading email—which is what you're there to do.
Twilio Twilio
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These security and perfomance changes for websites are easy to add and include some new browser features I wasn't aware of before. I went with the recommendation here for a simple CSP header but it looks like you could really batten down the https hatches with that one if you read through the spec.
Wired Wired
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“In a connected, searchable world, it’s hard to share information about extremists and their tactics without also sharing their toxic views... Labeling extremist content or disinformation as ‘fake news’ doesn’t neutralize its ability to radicalize.”
This article describes the information contagion problem perfectly. I wonder if all information should come with specific instructions to stay grounded after consuming it.