onfocus 2022 numbers

I've been keeping this site alive since 1998. I don't think it qualifies as a hobby anymore—I'm not sure what it is. Most of what I post here is a quote from a news article with a sentence or two about it. I rarely post personal news like I used to. I think I feel compelled to share something when the article has information I think should be amplified. This site isn't a big amplifier, but it must scratch some sort of psychological itch to do it.

In 2022 I posted 109 recommended articles. I linked to 70 unique hosts. The top 5 sites I linked to were: The Atlantic (9), The Washington Post (8), The New York Times (8), The Guardian (4), and The CNN (4). My most used tags in 2022 were: politics (53), media (20), covid-19 (16), twitter (13), social (9), ethics (8), music (7), health (7), tech-culture (7), government (6).

I only posted three photos here in 2022 and that used to be the majority of posts.

Thanks for spending some of your partial attention here in 2022—even if it's just this post. I do see people reading this site and I appreciate having the outlet.
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