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Here's a phrase I've said a lot over the past few months: What do you think #1 is?

shew! That's a load off my mind.


not to be outdone by the coolness of my office-mates' footgear...I just have to mention that I own a funky pair of fluevogs. But today I'm wearing the Timberlands.

<p><br> me asap.

It's so true: "It is so smooth and delicious and I am certain that it makes me smarter, faster, and stronger after the third glass full."

just a reminder: you can dance. you can dance. (having the time of your life.)

Wired: The Glitches Start Marching In.

there's a new directory in town. [via tbtf]

event idea: weblog slam. anyone with a weblog could sign up. on a specified day (say Feb. 15th) everyone who signed up would put one poem one their weblog. three judges would score each of the poems on a scale from 1 to 10. also, anyone reading would be able to vote for their favorite. (a factor the judges could take into consideration.) I'm not sure there's enough crossover between poetry and weblogging to make this work. But with as much writing as webloggers do it seems natural. anyone interested? let me know.

I added a little search thing. It searches everything posted since August 31st of this year. (the day I started using blogger, and the day after my birthday!) There is no database involved, btw. It's all XML. wave of the future, I tells ya.

a novel in 100 chapters begins. seems delicately paranoaic in the service of idealism (sometimes around 3am).

strange things are afoot at the circle k.

I'm looking forward to the new year. In fact, I think it's going to be wonderful. Mostly because I will never have to read or hear this sentence ever again: The Y2K problem arises from the fear that older computers programmed to read just the last two digits of a year will misread "00'' as "1900'' rather than "2000.'' They've said it over and over. And over. We are not a nation of idiots. We *know* what the problem is. We've known for a long time. I'm not sure why they need to add this into every single story. Maybe the person writing the story just heard about the whole y2k hubub? Maybe they feel it's their duty to inform the poor reader about this problem? This has been wearing on my nerves all year long. And as we've gotten closer to the day and the frequency of y2k stories has increased, this sentence has been like a hammer in my skull. Soon I will be free from the torture! blessed freedom!

y2k overload. (won't we all be happy when the use of the phrase "y2k" dwindles down to nostalgic remembrances?)

4 days away. This should be a fun week.


Being young
is like sweet sunshine
flooding the Summer sky.

Quiet noon --
Years and months
are just the expressions of Earth.

Why take note
of the never-ending seasons?

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Merry Christmas!

you think you've got it rough this holiday season? "It's never going to stop,'' adds Chief Marketing Officer Paul Schumer, who's wearing a pointed elf's cap. "We've been working our butts off focusing on Christmas. We've gotta get cracking on Valentine's Day.''

I just have to mention that the xmltree site is excellent. I haven't been there in a long, long time. They have a cool service that lets you receive any RSS channel via e-mail. now that's cool.

Now you can check out the 10 most-recently updated Blogger powered weblogs in rss format. fun! I may add them to the lefthand column here now that they're easily syndicatable. (is that a word? ;) Hey, if you want to add that channel to your my.netscape center, just click here.

as I just told a friend who's experiencing holiday stress: it's important this time of year, above all, to be merry! damnit!

Shawnde and Metagrrrl both said that they're using one of my snow pictures for their desktop background. Thanks! Here's a bigger version that might fill the screen better. Feel free to use it, and when your friends come over and say, "hey, where did you get that background?", be sure to say, "pb gave it to me!"

am i the only one who's been walking around the house singing, i am the radiskull, i will kill you just for...just for fun!? stupid catchy internet jingles!

happy winter solstice everyone! and happy full moon at its perigee. and happy cool moon graphic.

for some reason, this story about Ralph the Elf really freaked me out. especially the pictures of Ralph talking to the other toys in the toy store. (I like the name Ferdinand the Elf better, but what can ya do?)

i'm posting now because I should. not because I can.

consider canceling your subscriptions to ad-laden Wired and Fast Company and subscribe to Adbusters instead. you won't regret it.

I've got some new tag lines. You can see them in the title.

I'm having trouble keeping track of all the web companies I'm supposed to boycott. I hope someone starts a boycott-blog.

leaving on a jet plain...going from a high of 23 to a high of 75.

I think I'll start posting pictures on this page instead of in groups on separate pages. When I get back to CA, expect pictures to show up here. :) of snow.

use these for good not evil.

who needs some cool fonts?

everyone has scars.

every time I see you falling, I get down on my knees and pray. (NE knows how to tear it up. thanks, kip!)


today on the plane I started reading Imperial San Francisco. It's not for the faint of heart. more later...

geetings from Nebraska! (there's snow here)

greetings from Blogger 2.0! (no longer beta)

I'm worried that I might be suffering from hypochondria.

those hilarious reruns of the Simpsons you've been watching every day aren't complete. and that bothers me. I want maximum hilarity, damnit.

Salon: ""Ugo Ugo Ruuga" ("Go Go Girl," jumbled up), an infamously hallucinogenic kid's show of the early '90s, featured a pointy-headed excretum that emerged from the toilet and spouted Western philosophy." they are so advanced in Japan. [via offhand]

Possible Band Name: pressing cynthia's buttons. [thanks, matt]

I would just like to affirm that everything you believe is true.

I saw many, many meteors last night. No wine involved! You can still catch them tonight.

companies should not be able to patent ubiquitous internet/software technologies. No matter how much money they have. I like this question that Pierre Sarrazin asked of Unisys: "do you agree that an algorithm is equivalent to a theorem, in the sense that for example, the Pythagorean theorem can be considered as an algorithm to find the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle?" Their answer: "We do not agree or disagree with your statement regarding the relationship between an algorithm and a theorem."

I'm so happy that megnut posted something just for me. hehe. now i can breathe again.

Word of the Day: gestalt - a structure, configuration, or pattern of physical, biological, or psychological phenomena so integrated as to constitute a functional unit with properties not derivable by summation of its parts.

There are a bunch of fun web-based tools at Sam Spade like reverse DNS lookup, traceroute, whois, and many more.

shopping. I like shopping. lots and lots of shopping. shop! (yeah, that's it.)

It might have been the wine, but I swear I saw a few shooting stars last night.

ps. I took that photo in Armstrong Woods. Rumor has it that's where they filmed the forest scenes for the speeder bike chase in Return of the Jedi.

this one is freaky. It's blurry b/c the shutter stayed open so long and my hand was shaky.

I had some pictures developed today. I scanned a bunch in. Then I had fun with a few of them in photoshop. some I just left alone. take a look.

'tis the season for spam. every account I have (even the super secret ones) are being bombarded mercilessly.

friends don't let friends go on all-nighters.

I didn't realize that tofu was such a high maintenance food. It tastes good, but there are all of these draining and water issues to be concerned about. I mean, changing the water it's sitting in every day? come on. but mmm, azumaya.

SJ Merc: Millennium bug nipping at the heels of a tardy Pakistan. "Khawaja said the defense industry in this fledgling nuclear weapons state claims to be Y2K compliant but has not provided any documentation."

The Real Work

sea-lions and birds,
sun through fog
flaps up and lolling,
looks you dead in the eye.
sun haze;
a long tanker riding light and high.

sharp wave choppy line--
interface tide-flows--
seagulls sit on the meeting
we slide by white-stained cliffs.

the real work.
washing and sighing,
sliding by.

- Gary Snyder from Turtle Island

I shouldn't have had that coffee after dinner. I may never sleep again.

can't post now. in a high level meeting.

yes! I dig the hype. [via illuminatrix]

When I was younger, I had a dream that I met cat stevens and that we had a long conversation. about what? that's between me and cat.

I normally hate tv commercials. But there's one out right now for an outdoor gear type company that uses a short Cat Stevens song called The Wind. While I may not agree with his current politics, I love his songs from the 70's. I think the ad works better for Stevens than the company. His greatest hits cd has been in heavy rotation for me lately.

bloggin' just enough for the city.

btw, my alma mater's football team won their conference championship yesterday. The texas curse is over. shew!

This morning I'm installing linux on an old 486. It'll be nice to have a linux machine at home again to play with. I hope there's support for TrueType fonts these days.

Go Huskers in the Big 12 championship!! (don't fumble!) (which I was hoping would be the evil version of this site) is the beginning of some sort of Patrick Moorhead flash menagerie.

what's going to be the next big domain registration craze? pig latin! it's started: egisterray oursyay odaytay!

Dr. Weil - Relaxation: "The single most effective relaxation technique I know is conscious regulation of breath."

standards, people! standards! Agghh!

As certain as color
Passes from the petal,
Irrevocable as flesh,
The gazing eye falls through the world.

- The Poetess Ono No Komachi (translated by Kenneth Rexroth in One Hundred Poems from the Japanese.)

Just in case you're still feeling a little too optimistic about y2k... Y2K Problems Still Likely: "Thirty-six percent of the respondents believe that the Y2K problem is a non-event, and they are ignoring the hype, the poll found; but, over half of the respondents plan to stockpile extra food in their homes, with an eight-day supply being the average."

Today is World AIDS Day. onfocus has taken the day off to give focus to this day. please take a moment to visit one of these sites: CDC AIDS FAQ, A Day in the Life..., or tested.