Posts from April 2000 "here i come, san francisco." welcome, jack! :)

another partito del vino. another party blog. (actually, the same blog.)

speaking of vulgarians, looks like some folks over at Reuters know how I feel. [bfthanks, matt]

the days are tough when you have office mates like mine. fucking vulgarians.

"Zen is not letting yourself be horsewhipped into words about it, so as you read these words just unfocus your eyes and stare at the blurry page." - Jack Kerouac

RFC 1436 is some fun stuff! ;)

hmm, has an interesting argument and a good poop on! [via davenetics]

I'm not watching TV this week. In place of my regular viewing habits, skp and I have been playing scrabble. For your future reference, eggnog is one word. no hyphen. no space. eggnog.

This painting is one of Magritte's most famous. Foucault wrote a book about it.

Mark this one down. There's going to be a Magritte Exhibit at the SFMOMA May 5 - September 5. (you've got 5 months, so don't miss it!)

sometimes my laptop decides to spontaneously reboot.

hello cruel world.

Did you know that the coldest time of day is about an hour after sunrise? it's true.

Earlier today we were at the (windy!) coast.

skp and I just saw Ray Manzarek perform in Sebastopol. It was a small crowd (the place only holds 140 people). He discussed the Doors, drugs, life, religion, politics, oneness and being. He played the keyboard. As a big fan of meta data, it was fascinating to hear him deconstruct Doors songs. He would play a piece, then describe how it was just a variation of a bit from a Coltrane song. Then he'd play that. At one point he said, "I shouldn't be telling you all of this." ;)

oh yeah, here's the XML file for my archive index.

what are you doing with your life? I love this article: The Zen TV Experiment: "Watch television for one half hour without turning it on." what a beautiful idea.

The picture above is a glass of mostly whisky at the Make-Out Room.

whaddaya know, other folks have DNS problems too.

I'm back to an XML backend for this site. (managed by Blogger, of course.) Things will be in flux for a while. Flux is good! If you're interested in the Blogger template I'm using to generate the XML, you can take a look. If you're interested in that, you might also be interested in the resulting live XML file. And when I'm happy with this page, I'll probably release the ASP code I'm using to parse it. (scripting is fun.)

cryptic posts unglue the footlocker.

This certainly was a long day. I found myself in Silicon Valley at a cool company meeting even cooler people. (ev and matt were there as well. and we all know how cool they are.) I guess a company is only as cool as the people working there. Oh, did I mention they were cool? ;) We also made a quick stop at Exodus. ahem. I got my hand scanned, man.

I woke up around 5:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I have a feeling this is going to be a long day.

we just had some good sushi with the deepleap crew and a quick stop at the sanrio store. I got a funky little Badtz Maru cell phone dangly thing.

In the late 60's the Haight in San Francisco was a place where people were rejecting one culture and building a new one. Today it is a place to buy shoes. There are a surprising number of shoe stores on Haight street. I visited all of them this weekend in search of cool shoes. And I was unsuccessful. Why? I have a theory. I'm not a very fashion conscious guy. I predominantly wear jeans and t-shirts and hiking shoes. And this is what I was wearing as I walked into the store. I found a pair of smart looking campers on the shelf. I walked over to the salesperson: an energetic young woman in camouflage, dreadlocks, pierced and pierced again. Her eyes were sparklers burning tracers into the air as she moved her head, darting. I walked up to her with the shoe in question. She sized me up in one glance, and her expression said, these shoes are too cool for you. She went into the back for quite a while. She was making it look good. She returned, glancing from side to side, and said, "um, we don't have those in a size twelve. sorry. you might try next door." I smiled and thanked her. I knew she had just played her *real* role as fashion monitor; matching up shoes with their proper owner. And I didn't fit the profile. A scene like this was repeated in every store. It was somehow satisfying not to spend money there. And the lyrics of the Grateful Dead came to mind as I walked past the Ben and Jerry's on Haight and Ashbury, I don't know, now, I just don't know, if I'm goin' back again.

here's the inside story. ev does not have a certain web.crush on a certain web.person. he's not sure how these rumors started. that is all. (muahahahaha.)

many congratulations to the deepleap crew!

also inspiring is meg's web people manifesto. well, it seems like the beginning of some sort of manifesto anyway.

also inspiring is ev's pic of today. he took that photo up in my neck of the woods on a very fun day. I love my neck of the woods. everyone come visit.

also inspiring was her opening act, Hamell on Trial. He is a one man folk rockshow explosion of energy. with jokes.

I am inspired. Ani Difranco is amazing. and passionate. and beautiful.

some days are bad days. this whole week has been a bad day. but I'm going to see ani difranco tonight. (if I can find the tickets.)

inter alia: "...we're all in this state of confusion together; each of us just trying to do what we think is right for us and the people we care about."

anju has a weblog! everyone: hi anju.

I used as well. And I'm getting a little money back. And this post is as boring as taxes.

I shaved off my goatee yesterday. This is what I look like now.

I took some pictures at the party last night. (of course.)

greetings from ev and jake's party.

Jake contributes to the sxsw memories. remember sxsw? now you can. :)

[to be read while listening to When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin]

Yesterday was a day of travel. And a journey to the center of the Internet. I left my little house in Sonoma County at 9. arrived in San Francisco around 10:30 and parked in the "remote lot" on the embarcadero. hopped on the MUNI. arrived at the office. viewed the chaos and tired faces. wires and servers. linux disks and scribbles on notebook paper were scattered. a few folks hadn't slept much. the risidual aura of cursing and frustration hung heavy in the air. "get your car." so I hopped back on the MUNI. drove to the office. we loaded the car down with servers. big servers. bad servers. kick ass servers. then it was onto 101 headed for the South Bay. and there was much cement. as we approached exodus, we could feel the bandwidth humming in the streets. it was palpable. the security at exodus is intricate. I'd tell you more, but then I would be prosecuted. we set up the servers. crossed our fingers. flipped the switch. we added our small contribution to the hum. the great big silicon valley ohm of machines. we had a little dinner at denny's. the frustration of the past few days was gone. replaced with relief and excitement and big picture menus. then back in the car. and a stop at the spectacle that is fry's. drove back onto 101 in time for rush hour. we joked to pass the time. we listened to Louis Prima and the Posies. arriving in San Francisco, I dropped them off at church st. then back to the office. then home toward Sonoma County. and sometimes. on a clear night. I can hear the Internet humming.

the alarm has been going off. and probably will be for the next few days.

ev says: "...And the web servers will be monitored 24x7 for any disruption of service, the first sign of which, a 200 decibal alarm, residing in pb's pocket, will go off -- day or night." say what now?

don't hate me because I'm testing.


chant along with me now: jake, jake, shake-n-bake! happy, happy, happy, birthday, birthday, birthday. hey!

I contributed to FOJM. I get lost in those pictures. This is an excellent gallery.

what a great weekend.