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I submitted another picture to FOJM, and here it is. Thanks, Heather! And meg's latest contribution is hysterical.

I saw Mission Impossible 2. I can sum it up in 5 words: John Woo likes the zoom. oh, and he also likes slow motion. The movie could have been half its length if there would have been no slow motion. very frustrating to watch.

words of the day: bachelor: a young knight who follows the banner of another. san francisco's most eligible bachelor: see evhead.

At some point over the past few days I got to see a good chunk of a movie called Movin' With Nancy. It was great! And by "great" I mean "really bad". The best (and by "best" I mean "worst") part was that the advertisements were a part of the show. Every ad was for RC Cola. It's a mad, mad, mad, mad cola. Shake that cola drag, get the cola that's mad. Seriously though, it was fascinating to watch this time capsule of mainstream late 60's style.

skp and I had a very relaxing day discovering some beautiful views in Sonoma and Mendocino counties. We had breakfast in Bodega Bay then drove north along the coast. We made stops at Gualala, Point Arena (the town), Point Arena (the lighthouse), and Annapolis Winery. After a short break we drove inland toward Lake Sonoma. The weather was perfect. Wish you were here.

las lomas valley

lake sonoma

Here is more information about the Point Arena and Point Reyes lighthouses.

point arena lighthouse

fresnel lens

point arena lighthouse

"The world is ruled by letting things take their course." - Lao-tzu

point reyes lighthouse

older than you

I've been on vacation. Here are some photos to prove it:

Here's what I said about it last September.

As promised, here are pictures from our hike. This is one of my favorite hikes in one of my favorite places. This is the best time of year to go there. Wildflowers are in bloom everywhere, and the open areas are filled with lush, long grasses of different colors that sway in the breeze. Later in the season the grass will die, and the hillside will be brown. It was nice to get away from straight lines and noise, if only for five hours or so.

Simpsons quote of the day. Hugh: "You know, I've attempted to enjoy your family on a personal level, on an ironic level, as a novelty, as camp, as kitsch, as cautionary example...nothing works."

And congratulations to Matt and Kay, who were also on top of a bay area geographical feature this weekend. I'm very happy for you!

a view from the top

Finally (finally!) the weather cooperated and I was able to go hiking this weekend. skp and I made the trek up to the top of Sonoma Mountain. More pictures coming soon.

because we needed it's the, the what-do-you-want-for-dinner i-don't-know-what-do-you-want? dialog generator.

I was stuck in traffic yesterday because there was an accident on the golden gate bridge. If you look at the picture above, you can see the lineup of stopped cars stretching off into the golden sunset.


I heard through the grapevine that this site got a mention on NPR. Hello radio listeners! (and thanks ev.) This is a blog.

I went to see Aimee Mann and Michael Penn last night. She walked out on stage and performed a song. It was nice. Then Lane Becker walked on stage and sang a lovely beatle-esque tune. "How funny," I thought, "I didn't know Lane could sing." It sounded eerily like Michael Penn. Then it slowly dawned on me that this was in fact Michael Penn. During a break between songs I leaned over and whispered to Meg, "If you were to say that Micahel Penn looks like a web celebrity, who would you say that is?" Meg answered, "Lane Becker." Ev, upon overhearing our conversation said, "You're the third person to independently mention that tonight." What if Michael Penn was sick of performing and wanted to start a kick ass web company? What if Lane was romeo in black jeans? It's no myth. Then I ordered another drink.

It's official! Derek has commited to the adventure. ;) Rock-n-roll.

Simpsons quote of the day. Captain McAllister: "Arrr, squiddy, I got nothin' against ya, I just heard there was gold in yer belly."

ev hints at some Pyra related announcements coming up. They're big, yes. But I'd like to add that they're also good! (I work in the build buzz department too.)

snare of rain taps
unusual this season
rhythm disjointed

Mr. Cranky reviews Battlefield Earth. [via rebecca]

hehe. I almost went with this background. get down, get down.

shew! the sub-pages are pretty much done. for now. Someday it will *all* be XMLized and I won't have to do any work to change the design. This weblog was the easiest part.

This page has a new look! I'm still tweaking/optimizing, and I haven't done the sub-pages yet. But I wanted to change this front page. I was tired of the old one.

Simpsons quote of the day. Jebediah: "Who will come and live a life devoted to chastity, abstinence, and a flavorless mush I call rootmarm?"

I'm not the only one who noticed. feel the web love.

john halcyon styn was chosen to win the webby in the personal site category. his five word acceptance speech: "let's play. feel the love."

matt takes great pictures. like this one. (and I'm not just saying that because I'm in it.)

nubbin provides a snippet of my favorite type of dinner conversation: The Simpsons: "Sure, the first season of the Simpsons WAS FUCKING GREAT, but god they didn't treat shadows right until the second season..." It's too bad it took seven beers to get there. :) I could quote/talk Simpsons all day long. As a matter of fact I have. I do. buh. snuh.

I would also like to be able to add silences to my blog. but I'm not sure how to add silence without saying something. sometimes silence says more. but not this time. obviously.

There should be a blog complaint rating. So you could take a look and see a percentage of complaining in each blog. Then I could look at this rating and say, "Oh, I see that my blog is 17.2% complaining about things. Interesting." And then life would continue as it does.

meg is convinced that she uses the word irreverent in everyday speech. hmm, maybe people do use it. But not that many. (and these people were probably quoting a marketer or journalist. :))

Why are toy related companies often the most evil companies? etoys, prema, and now mattel. disgusting. The web is about people not corporations. I hope that all of these companies are held accountable for their actions. Their legal scare tactics should be illegal and should have consequences.

I've found another word that only marketers and journalists use. irreverent. I believe that no one uses this in spoken conversations. It only comes up in advertising copy or commentary. And it comes up a lot. Watch for it.

"When you paint spring, do not paint willows, plums, peaches or apricots–just paint spring. To paint willows, plums, peaches, or apricots is to paint willows, plums, peaches, or apricots. It is not yet painting spring." - Dogen

there are even more pictures from partito del vino. (and the next day.) I didn't get a picture of everyone who was there, but I captured many. (some more than others.) If you're not there, I apologize. No more wine for me while I'm taking pictures, I guess. ;)

Hiking. So far this year I've been on a few mini-hikes, but nothing longer than a few miles. I'm ready to go! In anticipation of the season I bought the Hiker's Guide to Sonoma County. I even purchased a new lightweight hiking hat, to replace the old one. And I was ready to wind up the side of Sonoma Mountain this weekend. And then this happened.

I inverted!

I'm not quite sure what El Cr

I think doughnuts are going to make a comeback. For a while now, bagels have been winning the breakfast food wars. They're healthier and easier to make. But doughnuts are the future. You heard it here first.

The jig is up.

So, skp and I had a party on Saturday. What do you get when you mix 20 bottles of Italian wine with 15 people? You get these digital pictures. (The old school 35mm pictures I took will have to wait for another day.)