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dogs love the beach

dogs love the beach
the dog thought the beach was the best thing ever

Devil's Punchbowl picture 3

devil's punchbowl

Reuters content tracker Reuters launches content tracker: "Reuters has announced the launch of a new software system that will allow it to monitor the web for re-publication and copyright infringement of its news content." bloggers, you have been warned. Reuters is going to make sure your fair use is actually fair. A good rule of thumb: don't copy and paste an entire article into your weblog. Just quote relevant sections. (Photos may be a different story, I don't know.) They're also going to use this system to track the popularity of Reuters stories—which will most likely be a private system. It'd be nice to see a Reuterdex with pointers to weblogs citing Reuters articles, but that's not very likely. I bet there will be more and more private, specialized weblog-tracking tools. (And more people willing to pay for that data.)

Devil's Punchbowl picture 2

devil's punchbowl
The stairs at Devil's Punchbowl

Devil's Punchbowl picture

devil's punchbowl
The beach at Devil's Punchbowl near Newport

Kucinich in Corvallis

Saturday night sk and I went to hear Dennis Kucinich speak at the Old World Deli here in Corvallis. I hadn't heard more than a couple soundbites from him on TV before, so I didn't really know what to expect. I was very impressed with his message, his speaking ability, and the way he related to the crowd. Here are a few photos from the talk:

Dennis Kucinich in Corvallis

Even though Kerry is the party's foregone conclusion, Kucinich explained that he's still in the race to try to get the Democratic party to adopt a more progressive platform. If Kucinich wins one or two states at the end of the primary, (Oregon votes late on May 18th) it could impact the positions Kerry has to take to win the election. His speech was energizing and it was great to hear a national politician taking positions that I believe in. It was also surprising to me to be in a crowded room full of people with similar views. You mean I'm not the only one?

Here's a local story about the event: Kucinich rallies Demos in Corvallis.

Feels like spring around here

Today sk said, "It doesn't feel like spring without pictures of flowers on your site." Here are a few so it can feel that much more like spring around here.

red tulip


tree blooming

sit, stay picture

puppy sitting in driveway

Should have stayed for sxsw music?

What's happening to the music portion of the South by Southwest festival? If I would have stayed for music, I know I would have been at the Ozomatli show. They're one of the best live bands I've seen. But it sounds like things got out of control at the end of the night. Taking the music out to 6th street after the bar closes isn't anything new. Brave Combo took their encore to the street in 2000 when the bar said stop, and it rocked. They played for 20 minutes or so with no amps, and there was no riot gear required. Maybe Austin is cracking down now, but arresting band members and spraying the audience with pepper spray seems excessive.

There are eyewitness accounts and some conversation about what this says about the character of Austin at the Ozomatli discussion board. There's video of the event at News 8 Austin: SXSW band's arrest raises questions about noise ordinance.

Austin Day vs. Night Animations

A couple of animated pictures of Austin during the day vs. night: downtown (344 kB), highway (343 kB). These were taken at the new Hilton downtown. I wish I would have taken both day and night photos of this new building:

Austin building

The top lights up.

Sign of the times

These are sad times for developers in Oregon. I just spotted this job listing on craigslist:
We are looking for a developer/designer who is highly skilled of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, C++, C, Unix/Linux, Windows, Macintosh OS X, SQL (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL & PostgreSQL please),UML. Must have BS in Computer Science, marketing,sales, business and writing experience a plus, preference given to those with an MBA. Must also have excellent design and artistic skills, video (filming and editing) experience a plus.

Compensation: $10/hour
Maybe it's a joke/typo, but I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't.

Puppy Pic

puppy pic


A centralized option for online identity management: TypeKey.

ugh, cough, back, cough

I'm home from Austin and I brought an intense sinus infection with me. Luckily this hit at the end of my trip rather than the beginning. It was a great time, and I'll post a conference wrap-up as soon as I can breathe again.

sxsw or bust

I'm off to Austin for South by Southwest bright and early tomorrow with an evening arrival. I'm looking forward to lots of great geeky conversations and fun. South by Southwest was the first conference to devote a panel to weblogs (in 2000), and many early adopters and people who helped develop and spread the format in the early days have been attending ever since. (And lots of people who inspired me to work on the web were attending before I even realized there was an interactive side of the festival.) This year I counted eight panels that are specifically about weblogs, with lots of overlapping topics. It'll be great to talk with people I only see at sxsw, and hear about ideas, projects, and life in general in person. I always leave inspired.

I'm also going to be speaking on two panels. On Sunday, March 14th, I'll be discussing the rise of aggregation as a means of measuring popularity with Erik Benson and Cameron Marlow. And on Monday, I'm going to ask Wendy Seltzer and Peter Kennedy lots of questions about where weblogs and law intersect. My speaking schedule means I'm going to miss many panels I want to see, and I hope people share their notes again this year. If you're going to be at sxsw, I'll see you there!

(psst. If you're going to be at sxsw with a cell phone or mobile device that can take pictures, there's at least one group space to share them. And you can watch this page to see them.)

Oregon Coast Photos, 1937

Some friends in Nebraska bought a box of old photos at an auction. They found seven photos of the Oregon coast from 1937 in the mix, and they sent them my way so I could see them. They include some familiar scenes of Newport and Waldport. I have no idea who the photographer is, but it looks like some sort of professional vacation postcard collection (though they are actual photographs, not prints). I scanned them tonight so I could have a copy, and I thought other Oregonians may be interested too. Here are the full photos with no color adjustments:

Oregon Coast 1937 (click for more)

They're showing up as a bit more yellow on the screen than they are in real life.

The pictures are very small, about 4 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches. I liked seeing the scans, because I could suddenly zoom in and see more detail in the photos. I've highlighted a few sections by cropping the photo, and taking out all of the color. The details are in a separate gallery here:

Oregon Coast 1937 Details (click for more)

(This Alsea Bay Bridge in Waldport doesn't exist anymore. It was replaced several years ago with a new bridge.) You can toggle back and forth between the source photo and detail by clicking on the picture. Each photo has the year hand-written on the back. The photo of Newport Beach has an additional message, "What a thrill to see all this." I feel the same way about these old photos.

pbcoding update

I redesigned my business site, a bit. I still have some content I want to add (the "projects" page is just a direct copy of the "sites" page here), but the design is set. It looks much more like this site now, and it has tabs! My theory is that I've been studying for so long now that tabs just seem natural. I checked it in IE and Mozilla, but if you spot anything out of whack, let me know.

Another step for PGP comments

Jacques Distler is doing more work on the PGP-enabled comments idea. He's taken the signature method a step farther by showing how you can do automatic validation. By placing a PGP-key, auto-discovery <link> tag in your weblog (just like the auto-discovery tags for RSS, FOAF, etc.) that contains the URL of your public PGP-key, anyone should be able to validate anyone else's signature using just their weblog URL.

What this all boils down to is that you can build a distributed system for verifying identity in weblog comments. And your weblog becomes your central identity for all of your web contributions. Those who want to protect their identity can take the extra steps to use PGP and add the auto-discovery tag to their weblog, and those who want to remain anonymous or don't care about their identity can keep using weblog comments as they work now. There are no extra logins required, and no changes to the way you post/read comments.

Check out Jacque's post on the subject that explains how it all works in more detail: PGP-Signed Comments. (And his follow-up post: Notes on Comment Authentication.) He's working with Srijith, author of the Movable Type plugin OpenPGPComments, to add these auto-validation ideas into the next version of the plugin. I just added my pgp auto-discovery tag to this site. (Once I see their implementation of auto-validation, I'll see if I can incorporate it into the comments system here.)

Portland same-sex marriages

As you probably know, Portland is issuing licenses for same-sex marriages. I've been reading the news and reactions obsessively over at ORblogs, and b!X has a nice local weblog round-up of reaction. I'm glad to see pictures starting to be posted. Frykitty pointed to some wedding pictures from yesterday. If anyone has photos but no place to post them on the web, ORblogs has a publicly available photo section.

vote, f*cker

ooh, ooh, I need one of these T-Shirts: Vote, F*cker.

more baby animals

If you can't get enough pictures of baby animals, check out these hilariously cute newborn kittens. [via offhand remarks]

more shmaltzy dog pictures

click for puppy pics

Getting a puppy has made me trigger happy with the camera. There's plenty more where this came from.

iPod battery pack

This looks like the sort of hardware hacking I could accomplish: iPod battery pack. [via teedlo] I need to build this before my next road trip—the usual 8-9 hours of iPod battery life just isn't enough sometimes. It'd be great to have this backup.